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(1). In which field my carrer will be? Or what field will be good for my future?

(2) should i do job or business ? what is good for me?

(3) will I get opportunity in abroad ? should I go for that?

(4) I don’t have a job, when will I get one?

(5) i am getting opportunity in another company,so should i change or not?

(6) There is instability in my career,when will i get a stable job?

(7) Which stream is more suitable where I can grow in my career?

(8) My horoscope is supporting a technical field or management field, for me?

(1) At what age will i get married?

(2) I am single. How will I find my partner?

(3) How will I get engaged? Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage?

(4) My partner will be Indian or NRI?

(5) Will mine be an intercaste marriage or a same community marriage?

(6) When will my child get married?

(7) Will I settle abroad after marriage?

(8) Is there any chance of separation with my partner?

(9) How much qualified will my partner be,or the profession of my partner?

(10)) Is my married life happy or not?

(1) What will be my financial condition in future?

(2) Would i be a millionaire?

(3) In which field should I do investment like real estate, share market, trade, speculation ?

(4) In the future will I be able to purchase a new house?

(5) Will I create health and wealth for my family?

(6) What kind of investment should i do?

(1) How will my present relationship work?

(2) How much understanding will I get from my love partner?

(3) Is my partner loyal to me or not?

(4) Will i fall in love with someone?

(5) By coincidence will me and my partner be in the same field?

(6) I’m in a long distance relationship, will it work for long?

(7) Will I get married to my love partner?

(8) My partner is very dominating and controlling in nature, will he change or should i move?

(1) When will I have  my first child?

(2) Will my pregnancy be safe or will there be any complications ? When should I conceive?

(3) I had miscarriage multiple times, want to know the reason for it. Remedy as well.

(4) I’m depressed due to not conceiving , what is the reason for the delay?

(5) Even after a lot of delay, still my partner is not ready to conceive. Want to understand the reason and remedy?

(6) Will we get our own child or should we adopt?

(7) Should we wait for natural pregnancy or go for other processes like IVF/surrogacy?

(8) Can I get the exact time period of delivery for my upcoming child.

(1) Which businesses are suitable for me?

(2) I am facing so many problems in business like loss or fund issues?

(3) Should I expand my business? Is it the right time or not ?

(4) Is partnership good for my business?

(5) Having a business in partnership but clashes with my partner. Should I continue this partnership?

(6) Should I add my wife/husband in my business as a partner? Will he/she be lucky for me?

(7) Due to funds I want to close my business should I close or will I survive?

(8) Will I do business abroad or domestic only?

(9) Is export import good business for me?

(10) In which business should I invest, where I get more chances to make money?

(1) Which is the best stream for me, where i can do better?

(2) In which area do I have to put my energy and money ?

(3) Will my child do good in his/her education?

(4) Will I top this year?

(5) Will I crack my entrance this year?

(6) Should I go abroad for studies?

(7) Will I get a scholarship or funding for my studies?

(8) Should I allow my child to do studies as per his/her choice?

(9) I’m getting failure again and again, will I get success in my wanted field?

(10) Will I get admission in my desired university(india/abroad)?

(1) I want to travel abroad this year, will it be possible?

(2) Should I settle abroad ? Is it good for my future?

(3) Would my foreign travel be safe?

(4) Will my business foreign trip be successful?

(5 ) I am facing problems getting a visa, will it be solved?

(6) Will I ever travel over water ?

(1) My health is usually not good, will I suffer my whole life like this?

(2) What type of health will i have in future?

(3) At what age will I be having a possibility to get diseased?

(4) Will I suffer from any incurable disease?

(5) Should I take health or life insurance?

(6) My father is diabetic, is there any chance that this is hereditary?

(1) Will I win my court case or not?

(2) How much delay will be there in the resolution of my legal issues?

(3) Should I fight the court case or can the matter be solved without a court ?

(4) I have an offer for an out -of -court settlement, should I go for it?

(5) Will the second party give the desired amount or will the judgement be unsatisfactory?

(6) Will he /she be saved from imprisonment?

(7) Should i wait to file a case?

(8) If i file a divorce case, will I be given my child’s custody?

(9) If i file a case for maintenance, will it be in my favour?